Liberty Island is a website for conservative ‘literature’ set up by Adam Bellow, son of Saul. A disproportionate number of the stories on the site’s front page are classified as ‘dystopia’ or ‘horror’, which suggests that the Islanders may be just the teensiest bit paranoid. Conservative values triumph, by turns, over a pandemic, an invasive social service sector, a genetic disorder that turns babies gay – beneath that one someone’s commented ‘a real thinker’ – full employment, and a Lovecraftian tentacular monster. There are no romance stories or nature writing because they are for the weak; ‘military’ stories have their own replete section. One writer, Lari Vine, contributes a weekly send-up of Hillary Clinton’s campaign diary to the ‘humor’ section, in which she cracks jokes such as 'It's my day to babysit a recovering Chris Matthews. The other day he got his nose too far up Obama’s ass and he strained something.’ Guffaw.

For Bellow, these weird little pustules are weapons in a ‘culture war’. Last month he wrote in the National Review that the conservative publishing revolution ‘is already here. It’s just that most conservatives haven’t noticed it yet.’ Most conservatives are probably pretending not to notice, hoping it will go away and stop embarrassing them, but Bellow is determined to reach out. He recently posted on Buzzfeed an ‘introduction to 21 writers you probably have never heard of’. You haven’t heard of them because of a conspiracy between ‘the powers that rule the lit-crit, fanfic, and commercial publishing worlds’, of course, not because they are utterly, utterly shite. Top of his list – Bellow’s conservative counter-revolutionary hero number one – is Robert Zubrin, author of The Holy Land, a dystopian sci-fi novel in which ‘fanatical Earthling planet assassins are spreading chaos through the galaxy’ but the ‘liberal Western Galactic Empire’ is powerless to stop them because it’s too ‘nice’. Here’s Bellow’s introduction to his number 4:

Spare him your pained expressions of empathy and politically correct euphemisms: dwarf attorney Will Tripp, Pissed Off Attorney at Law, will use them only to defeat you in court and – laugh all the way to the bank. Picture Peter Dinklage in a three-piece suit.

The moral seems to be that dwarves can be arseholes too. Take that, liberal illuminati.