The LRB blog was launched in March 2009. Nearly ten years later, it was creaking at the seams and in need of an update – which, as you can see, we’ve now done. It doesn’t only look different – better, we think – but there have been various behind-the-scenes changes too (i.e. a complete overhaul) so it should all work more smoothly.

The new infrastructure should be mostly invisible, but people who are already registered on the blog will need to reset their passwords (for the blog only, not for the rest of the LRB website or the app; and you only need to be registered on the blog if you want to post comments).

The rest of the LRB site, whose current incarnation is also ten years old, will be relaunched later this year, in time for the paper’s 40th anniversary in the autumn.

We’d like to know what you think: you can post a comment here, or fill out the feedback form, or send an email to